NIK Software releases HDR Efex 2

Hi everybody,

All of you who are knee deep into high dynamic range (HDR) imaging / photography should consider HDR Efex Pro from Nik Software. I tried both Photomatix 4 and HDR Efex (1) and I was more convinced of the latter because it offered more control  over the whole process with the known control point engine. Another option which is more time consuming is manual blending. If you do not know about this technique Jay and Varina Patel for example are offering a video course on their workflow which the call “intelligent HDR” or “iHDR” here for 25 to 100$.

Until July 8th you can grad the new piece of software for a whooping 59,95 US$ here – but only if you are American (North and South America, correct me if I am wrong). All others, e.g. European like me can not take advantage of the offer…

The update includes, according to RC Conception in his google+ post, a new tone mapping algorithm, a speed increase and a new interface. You can watch an overview youtube video of the new features hosted by RC here.

That’s it for today…

Happy HDRing!

Disclaimer: I do not profit from any purchase you make of either above mentioned product.


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