Visit of the “Automuseum Prototyp” in Hamburg + Book

Automuseum Prototyp LogoLast Monday, our photo community in Hamburg was invited to visit the “Automuseum Prototyp”. The museum presents primarily prototype cars as well as documents and other exhibits related to them. The friendly folks of the museum did grant access to 40 people of our cummunity to shoot two and a half hours everything we want – all of that free of charge! Spectacular! We could walk as we wished troughout all of the museum. tripods and flash were not allowed owing the large number of our group and original documents presented. Anyway, apart from being forced to shoot available light this was a perfect opportunity for all of us who wanted to dive into automotive photography. It was a great event! At this points I have to say a big “thank you” to the pepole of the museum and our organizing community head Melanie!

In preparation to that day I went over to the KelbyTraining website and viewed most of the online courses hosted by Tim Wallace. They gave me the inspiration and the technical understanding to plan and to think ahead a of what and how to shoot.

After the shooting I went through post processing in Lightroom for a few hours and than I had the idea to try the new “book” module for the first time. Once more to KelbyTraining for viewing a course of Matt Kloskowski an ready to start. It took me a short time to feel comfotable with the module but than it is a pleasure to use. The layouts are slick and clean as I prefer them. The book services I knew had all this messy laouts were a lot of photos were atop each others and junky backgrounds – nothing here as far as I noticed or at least not predominantly. The module also lets you export all the pages to a PDF file (sadly each page seperately and not in the real book layout, I hope this option is added in an update) or to JPG files. Great! Another push of a button and it is ent directly to Blurb. Atop a 20% discount is included with the first order at this service – I made the deal 🙂 . To cut a long story short here are my results aka my first photo book or browse through all pages on my galleries page:

Just for the reader who is wondering about the links I provide: I do not gain any profit by mentioning the links or services, I am just convinced they help me and probably would help others who are in the same situation as I am.

Prototyp Book 1/3Prototyp Book 2/3Prototyp Book 3/3


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