Social networks for photography: How I use them

Lately I wrapped my head around social media and how to get the best form e out of it. I will give you my thoughts about the different services that are out there. I have accounts for google+, 500px, facebook, twitter, flickr and this wordpress account. I have never used picasa, instagram, pinterest or whatever else is out there. This is simply the reason why I do not write about the latter mentioned services. First I gave a lot of thought about time effectiveness. I have a normal daytime job that is about 60-70 hours a week total. That does not leave time to stack articles in all services that are out there. It rather forces me to consider what to put where. It also should not be repetitive by just copy and paste one post to all. This would be a kind of spam and will not encourage you to follow me on all different services but rather just one. Ok, after these preliminary thoughts let’s get into it.

I created an account, than I posted a couple of tweets but to be honest, I am not the one to share every change in mood. I only use this account to interact with customer services. I have no connection to twitter. I think for professionals that have projects running or who share interesting deals or something like that it can be very valuable. But form e, not being of public interest and being occupied by my work all day it does not make any sense. Quite frankly I hate it. No pictures, just 140 cahracters. I have instant messaging on my mobile… Perhaps I totally misunderstood this service, someone here that can enlighten me?
Usage: dunno 😉
Personal value: 0/5

I use facebook for private communication only. I only added people to my freinds list that I know personally or with woh I have had a longer contact to. Well I put my web address here that people can jump to it but nothing more. I am not sharing a lot here as well. As with twitter, I am not the person that shares all the things I am doing on the web. I value my privacy. But that is only me.
Usage: privatly only
Personal value: 2.5/5

I only recently started my account on g+ and I am loving it. It will be my main platform of sharing mostly photo and radiology related articles and some more private impressions to give a better feeling of who I am. Photo sharing is great as well and I will post most photos here too. Not all photos that I share on g+ will go to 500px only the portfolio-worthy photos will be on 500px to see (more on that below).
Usage: professionally and privately
Personal value: 5/5

This was the first social network I signed up for. It is a primary business oriented netwok. I do not use it much. The one reason I am still tied to it is the “Hamburg Fotocommunity”. They organize local photo meetings and workshops. A great group. Apart from that it has become a network for professional relations of my daitime job as a physician. Also head hunters tend to contact me via this network regulary offering jobs.
Usage: mostly professionally
Personal value: 3/5

I shared a lot there in the past. I quitted my pro account quite a while ago only keeping a standard account. Community features are great, but I am not using them a lot lately owing the lack of time. It is definitly a keeper
Usage: privately only
Personal value: 2/5

I frequently (once every one ort wo weeks) post my best images here. I do not use the blog function a lot because I have my main blog @wordpress and will keep it that way. The „stories“ funciton looks intriguing but I think I won’t put it to use either. I’d rather put things like that on g+. The portfolio function is good but it lacks same personalization option.
Usage: professionally only
 Personal value5/5

WordPress blog:
I post longer articles like this one here. They should tell stories or give an impression how I work and think photographically. I also post reviews here.  Previously I posted photos as well but I will move these post to g+ and / or 500px in the future.
Usage: professionally only
Personal value: 5/5

Main homepage:
This is not a social network but I wanted to mention it anyway. This is the site where I present my portfolio. No news, just my work, a about page, my bio, references and most importantly a contact form.
Usage: professionally only
Personal value: 5/5


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