Canon EOS 5D Mark III Digital SLR Camera: resources, reviews, comparisons (especially with 1D Mark IV)

5dmk3Update 28/05/2012: added review

Update: 02/05/2012

added some linsk and updated reviews section.

Hi everybody,

I was doing some research about the new Canon EOS 5D Mark III (5DM3, 5D Mk3, 5D Mk III) and thought I share all the helpful and not so helpful resources, reviews, comparisons, discussions and sample images with you. I will list anything I read and leave it to you to decide if it fits your needs or not. ANyway I will feel free to point out articles that I found o be really good and / or helpful. One aspect I was really focused on during my searc hwas a comparison between the 5D Mark II (5DM2) and the 1D Mark IV (1DM4, 1D Mk4, 1D Mk IV) because I own a 5D Mark II and the used 1d MarkIV is in an comparable price range. Comparisons to the Nikon breed e.g. Nikon 3d, Nikon 3Ds, Nikon 4D, Nikon D800, Nikon D700 were no special focus because I am not planning to change brand. Anyway for those undecided wether to buy Nikon or Canon I listed those articles too. Another thing I was really interested in was the autofocus (AF). How does it work compared to the 1D Mark IV, the 5D Mark II and speculatively compared to the Canon EOS 1D X (1DX) as it shares the some amount of AF fields but lacks a second DIGIC 5 processor. Ok let’s get it on!

(I will update the list with dates and will add more the days to come)


23/05/12 – review: – detailed review: – ISO performance and review:

the digital picture – in-depth review:

Ryan Brenizer – a wedding photographer’s review: – review of my favourite electronics review resource: – german first impression review – Erfahrungsbericht:

Fred Miranda – hands-on review compared to Nikon D800, landscape photographer’s point of view: – detailed review: – pre-production model review: – hands-on review, comparison, sensor performance: – hand-on PREview: photofocus mini review review for videographers: review:

29/03/2012 Jessica Strickland (Wedding photog) – review:

13/04/2012 krishna mohan photography – review:

20/04/2012 mega-review (german):


08/03/2012 – 5D Mark III vs. Nikon D4:

21/04/2012 – 5D Mark III vs. Nikon D800:

29/03/2012 cdtobie’s blog – color comparison 5D Mark II and 5D Mark III:

01/03/2012 comparison 5D Mark II, 1D X, D800:

01/03/2012 mansurovs photography – comparison to Nikon D800:

03/04/2012 – Canon 5D Makr III vs. 1D Mark IV high ISO comparison:


RAW samples discussion:

1D Mark IV compared to 5D Mark III from sports photographers POV:


:from the Canon Digital Learning Center: Canon official manual Canon specifications sheet 1D X and 5D III AF points and area selection HDR in the 5D Mark III 1D X AF system guide multiple exposure shooting with 5D Mark III and 1D X high-precision and cross-type AF in 5DM3 and 1Dx 5D Mark III and 1D X AF menu system user-friendly AF adjustment with the 5D Mark III and 1D X AF configuration tool using multiple AF points in the 1D X and 5D Mark III new video features in the 5D Mark III

firmware download:

Sample Images: studio samples full size outdoor samples and ISO comparison production samples

Articles with links:

Videos: 30 min video:


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