500px.com – A new and more “pro” take on flickr

500px logo hqHi!

I recently was looking for a new website without flash to create a portfolio site. I considered photoshelter.com, zenfolio.com and smugmug.com – I won’t give a review on all of those ’cause I did not try them in great depths. I tumbled over 500px.com also and was intrigued from the beginning. It is – like flickr – more of a social network for photographers but different from flickr it seems to aim more at professional and more ambitious amateur photgraphers. This is why you encounter mostly high quality and not so much snapshot / family meeting / party recollection  stuff as on flickr. It also seems that the community is very vivid – you get feedback quite quick and frequent.

Coming to the primary intend why I was searching, the portfolio site: 500px.com lets you create a sleek site with (only) few layouts, but they are clean and were well fitted to my needs. There is no fancy and colorful design but in truth, who wants pink or acid green web pages? At least it’s not me.

Bottom line is I can encourage everyone to try 500px.com (and no, I get no revenue be promoting).

Best thing: It’s free! (upgrade to upload more than 20/photogs per month and some other stuff is 50$ a year).

Here are my links:

My profile: http://500px.com/zeile

My portfolio: http://zeile.500px.com/



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