Photo of the week #15.2009: Crane and water

Crane-2, ursprünglich hochgeladen von martin zeile photography

Damn, I’m far back the goal to post one image a week, even oce every two I missed badly. For next year I hope I can keep up better to my goals.
Anyway, back from the maldives the first shot I share is this one of a crane which was to kind to me. I could get as close as two meter before he slowly walked and than flew away. I nailed a few shot with my 70-200 before he decided to go anywhere. I was lucky, it was a beautiful sunset an the water in the background got me a nice color. The last sparks of sunshine added some warmth to the head. This was an inner thanksgiving to me.

Soon I will share some more photos of my trip – I need some days of sorting and more importantly deleting a bunch of crappy images. I think approx. one week until you can expect something new.

So dig in later!


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