Photo of the week #11.2009: Orchid – Paphiopedilum

Orchid – Paphiopedilum, ursprünglich hochgeladen von martin zeile photography

I shot this one for the “first assignment of studio@home” over at where you should light something that makes you smile. One and only thing you have to do to take part in the competition is that you have to shoot it in front af a DIY backdrop (a white bedsheet in my case hanging from a door).

Why this makes me smile:
I bought this particular orchid half a year ago. It had one bud but it never opend but dried and I could never see it blossom.
In fact I was never very good with orchids, I think I cared badly as well.
When I changed location and the pot a good two month ago I was reaaly surprised when one orchid after another come to life once more.

And finally this one (!) of which my grandmother always said they were hard to care of – and she was an orchid enthusiast with more than 100 all over her place!

Well that’s why it makes me smile – I managed to get something thought gone forever back to beuatiful life!

Tech info:
Shot this Orchid with DIY white backdrop (bed sheet on door) and 4 speedlights (3 Nikon SB-26, 1 Metz AF-58)).
-1st and 2nd positioned on either back side, both with gobo so that light does not spill into my lens (1/16th power each).
-3rd was mounted rigth to light the background and blow it to white @1/2 power.
-4th (Metz) was mounted into a 22″ softbox @1/32 power.

Shot with Canon 5D Mark II with Canon 100mm Makro lens @f10, 1/160th sec, ISO 200.




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