Canon EOS 5D Mark II Video – How to manually control apeture etc.: Overview and links


there are a lot of issues around manual video aperture control of the 5DMII.

Roughly it is as follows:

  • switch to LiveView
  • toggle +2 or -2 EV exposure compensation (depending whether you want to close or open aperture)
  • press the shutter button half-way down to see the current exposure settings
  • move the 5DMII to/away from light until you get a right aperture
  • press *-button to lock settings
  • use exposure compensation wheel to set the right exposure

This only works for one shoot and it is mandatory to repeat every time you press stop. (adapted from Miklav comment in forum).

I also made a quick search around the net and here are the results:

There are yet a few good resources to video recording on the 5D Mark II:

For now, that’s it. If you come across more useful information feel free to leave a comment for this post and I will update as soon as possible


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