Canon EOS 5D Mark II review round-up: A lot of reviews for Christmas…

Well, this should be a quite full overview over the usable reviews about the 5D Mark II from Canon: gives one sum-up over 5 articles:

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Read – PhotographyBLOG (5 out of 5)
Read – PopPhoto (“lives up to the hype”)
Read – ArtByPhil (“an amazing deal”)
Read – Digital Journalist (“a superb still camera, at a reasonable price”)
Read – CameraLabs (“one of Canon’s most powerful DSLRs to date”)
Read – CameraTown (“a revolutionary camera”)”


On there is another round-up:

( )

Roland Lim

The image quality is simply amazing with very high resolution and very good high ISO performance. As far as image quality is concerned, I think most users would be more than pleased with the 5D Mark II. However, in areas such autofocus, Canon still lacks behind the competition.

Photo Review

Image noise was barely visible in test shots taken at ISO settings up to 3200, regardless of whether they were short or long exposures. Beyond that point, the visibility of noise increased steadily, although colour accuracy and sharpness were retained right up to ISO 25,600.

Camera Labs

Canon’s EOS 5D Mark II is a powerful and feature-packed DSLR that represents a significant upgrade over the original 5D, and a tough rival in the growing ‘affordable’ full-frame market.

The Online Photographer (First Impressions)

I don’t find a thing to complain about with regard to the build-quality of the 5D Mark II body. You have to realize, however, that I consider lightness in a camera to be an asset, not a liability.


It takes a great full-frame DSLR, the original 5D (Pop Photo’s 2005 Camera of the Year), boosts damn near everything, adds high-definition video capture, and turns in an overall performance that makes it a virtual steal (or at least as close as a steal comes in this price bracket).

Ken Rockwell

Any image defects you see are most likely due to your own lack of expertise, and you had better have some extraordinarily good lenses to take advantage of the resolution.

Phil Holland

The body and autofocus alone make it my camera of choice. However, if I shot more street work, shot weddings, or just needed to finally get rid of that pesky Canon D30 finally (you guys know you’re out there) I’d say the 5D Mark II is a great buy.

Pro Photo Home

The point here is to review the video mode for the regular purchaser of the cam. They will most likely be disappointed in the video mode. I didn’t bother to mention how “fiddly” the whole operation is compared to a proper pro camcorder with zoom controls, a shoulder mount, etc., etc.


There’s virtually no visible noise at all from ISO 50 all the way up to ISO 3200, with even the three faster settings of 6400-25600 producing perfectly usable images. Canon seem to have matched the low-light performance of the Nikon D3 and D700 whilst substantially increasing the resolution.


Resolution is as good or better at the same ISO as the original 5D, but the range is extended somewhere between one and three stops in a sensor with 65% more pixels.

Digital Rev (hands-on preview)

Whether you were thrilled with the idea of the HD movie recording or not, one thing is for sure and that’s the Canon EOS 5D Mark II has improved over its formidable predecessor and offers solid performance as a semi-pro camera.

Digital Pro Talk (hands-on preview)

I can’t wait to permanently get my hands on this baby. The phenomenally high ISO capabilities promise some unbelievable benefits especially to us event shooters.

DP Review (hands-on preview)

So here is the 5D Mark II, which punches high in terms of both resolution and features, headlining: 21 megapixels, 1080p video, 3.0″ VGA LCD, Live view, higher capacity battery. In other words, a camera that aims to leapfrog both its direct rivals, either in terms of resolution (in the case of the D700) or features (in the case of the DSLR-A900).”

Update 12/29/2008:

Imaging Resource has published a review of the Canon 5D Mark II:

Unless you need high speed capture, and a 30fps HD movie is out of the question, the Canon 5D Mark II appears to offer the best of both of its competitors, with high resolution capture and what we expect to be very good high ISO performance.

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